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ROSTA History

ROSTA PATENT Worldwide patent
The ROSTA rubber suspension unit was patented in 1942. The motive for its development was the simplification of the wheel suspensions used at that time in trailor manufacture. With its very compact construction, the ROSTA rubber suspension unit combined the three functions of "bearing, suspension and shock absorption" in a single component.
Gummifederachsen Rubber suspension axles
For many years, ROSTA AG concentrated on making use of the patent on the utilisation of the rubber suspension element as a space-saving independent suspension for trailer axles. These maintenance-free, insensitive suspensions with their long service life were designed for loadings from 250 kg to 5,000 kg.
Maschinenkomponenten Machine components
From around 1960, this unique suspension concept also found applications in general mechanical engineering. As tensioning and pressure elements in chain and belt drives, for the suspension of screens and conveyor troughs in the processing of foodstuff, and as rotary suspensions for the seats of school chairs, etc.
Standardisierung tat Not Standardisation becomes essential!
Every new application of the rubber suspension elements in mechanical engineering was carried out on the basis of a special customer-specific design. Immediate delivery was therefore not possible. From 1970, however, components were standardised for the major application areas.
Anfänge Beginnings
The manufacture ROSTA rubber suspension axles in Hunzenschwil started with just a handful of vehicle fitters. This production accounted for almost 100% of the company output in the Fifties. It was only the entry into the machine component business that opened up the world markets for ROSTA rubber suspension elements.
Heute Today
Today, ROSTA AG exports approximately 87 % of its products. The main markets are Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the USA, Japan, Australia and South Africa. The sale of rubber suspension components takes place through three own-branches and 37 agencies.