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Anti-vibration Mounts Hutchinson/Paulstra

PAULSTRA have a range of all steel mountings whose essential element is the "steel cushion" made from woven stainless steel wire and compressed.

Steel mountings have considerable mechanical strength as well as high damping characteristics in the order of 10 to 20 %, depending on the application.


Stability. Steel mountings provide stable characteristics and the height under load remains constant with time.

Unaffected by corrosion. Steel dampers are unaffected by oil, grease, solvents, adverse weather and corrosive products.

Unaffected by temperature. Steel dampers withstand temperatures from -70°C to 300°C without changing characteristics.

Low natural frequency. Steel mountings with springs can have natural frequencies as low as 3 Hz, which can provide up to 98 % attenuation for low speed rotating machinery.


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