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Green Technology

ROSTA components Leading the way in environmental technology!

We are focusing on the future!

Dealing seriously with the new technologies of energy supply, recycling and environmental technology is the challenge of our times. The dwindling fossil fuels are being replaced with solar and wind energy, older
housing stock is being recycled to provide new construction material and the stressed environment should no longer be fully exposed to the impact of our unbridled consumption habits. Continuous implementations in the form of the realization of projects to gain alternative energy are thereby a sign of our more moderate time.

We at ROSTA AG have made it our task to make an active contribution to the implementation of these ideas through our machine components. With our know-how of more than 60 years, we can approach this development in a fully motivated manner, and make it our goal to provide the corresponding solutions in the areas of suspensions, springs, vibration and damping – a comprehensive service that starts with the customerspecific development, is realised through the manufacture of the components and ends with the reprocessing of used parts.

We have committed ourselves to recycling and to the «Green Technology»
label, and corresponding implementations have been integrated into the goals of our corporate mission.