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ROSTA Technology

Advantages of the ROSTA elements

  • The rubber spring element can fulfill several functions in a compact space: as a torsion spring, pivot bearing and anti-vibration mount in one unit!
  • The element works without any noise and is maintenance-free.

Technical description
  • The ROSTA element is a jointed spring with four pre-tensioned special rubber bodies between housings and a inner square profile offset by 45 degrees. Due to the high friction, no axial retention is necessary.
  • The element has no metallic contact or friction locations.
  • The working angle is a maximum of +/- 30 degrees.
  • The inertia of the natural rubber provides energy damping during turning movements as a result of the flexing friction of the rubber bodies.

Customer benefits

  • Thanks to the multi-functionality of the ROSTA element, savings can be made in the initial investments through the avoidance of expensive bearing and damping components.
  • The maintenance-free operation lowers operating costs through the longer service intervals. The guaranteed functionality increases the availability of installations and machinery.


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