Guided Shaker Systems

Oscillating shaker conveyors with crank shaft drive are widely used for the transportation and selection of bulk material.

There are one mass shaker conveyor systems or so called brute force shaker conveyor, one mass shaker conveyor systems equipped with spring accumulators and two mass shaker conveyor systems with direct reaction force-compensation. All those shaker designs require special springs and rocker. ROSTA has them all.

From single rockers to double rockers including the elements for spring accumulation and drive heads.



Oscillating Mounting - Type AU

Oscillating Mounting - Type AUI

Rocker Suspension - Type AS-P

Rocker Suspension - Type AS-PV

Rocker Suspension - Type AS-C

Double Suspension - Type AD-P

Double Suspension - Type AD-PV

Double Suspension - Type AD-C

Oscillating Mounting - Type AR

Oscillating Drive Head - Type ST

Oscillating Drive Head - Type STI

Spring Accumulator - Type DO-A

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