Rubber Suspension Units

Being the inventor of rubber spring elements, ROSTA currently manufactures over 2,500 different standard Rubber Suspension Units!

For the construction of special machines, the system specification become more and more demanding. Vibration free, low noise, calculable life cycle costs, less components, easy mounting and many more.

Our 124 standard modules are used in a plethora of industries. With a flexible mounting concept, there are virtually no limit how a ROSTA element can be incorporated in a technical solution. 

You cannot find the right element to fit for your machine? Contact us, together we will find the solution!



Type DR-A

Type DR-C

Type DR-S

Type DK-A

Type DK-S

Type DO-A

Type DW-A 15-38

Type DW-A 45-50

Type DW-A 60-100

Type DW-C 15-38

Type DW-S 15-38

Type DW-S 45 and 50

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